The evaluation and treatment of allergic diseases is a complex mix of science and art, investigation and extrapolation, judgment and compassion.  The basic tool has always been a good, detailed history, and the patient’s history still remains the cornerstone of our specialty, despite advances in testing options.  Furthermore, all testing and treatment recommendations must relate back to the history.

We take pride in tailoring the treatment plan to each individual patient, not the other way around. We must take into account the family, school, work, and social environments of the patient in determining what treatment options to recommend taking into consideration both patient preference and convenience.

We recognize the fact that evaluating and treating children requires not only medical skill and expertise, but also physician and especially office staff empathy for the child and parent(s) concerns.  No parent wants their child to be ill or have tests done, but sometimes this is inevitable. We will do our utmost to minimize the amount of testing and associated discomfort to the greatest extent possible.

We have also tried to create an office environment that is friendly and as conducive to your child’s comfort as possible.  Allergy evaluations are often fairly time consuming and we would therefore recommend and request that for your comfort and ability to give your child undivided attention that other children not also be brought to the office, but rather left in the care of an appropriate individual.